Slack Bot

This guide explains how to install the Slack Bot in your workspace


In order to install the Slack Bot to your workspace, please start the installation process by clicking this link and grant permissions: Install Slack Bot to your Workspace
Next, you need to add the Slack Bot to a channel where you want to receive notifications in. For this navigate to an existing channel or create a new channel and press Channel Information Button at the top right (it is a circle with an i in). Then click on More and finally on Add apps.
Then you need to select the Passbase Notifier Bot from the Apps, which you just installed to the workspace. This will add the Bot to the current channel.
Now the Slack Bot will start automatically with the installation process. Please follow the instructions.
In the first step, you will be asked to which events you want to listen to. From the selection menu, you can select the events like in the screenshot below. Those are:
  • AUTHENTICATION_PROCESSED (VERIFICATION_COMPLETED): The Verification has been completed processing and is ready to be reviewed in your developer dashboard.
  • AUTHENTICATION_REVIEW_STATUS_CHANGED (VERIFICATION_REVIEWED): The Verification has been approved or declined in your developer dashboard.
For the second step, you need to navigate to your dashboard and select the project you want to receive events from in the top right dropdown. Then navigate to the API key section and copy the publishable API key from here.
Finally, you can go back to Slack and just paste in the API key in here with the command /apiKey XXXXX where "XXXXX" is your API key.
That's it, you are done. From now on you will receive all those events in the Slack Channel.