Initial setup

This section will show you how to retrieve your API keys and set up an automation threshold.

1.1 - Retrieve Your API Keys

In order for your application to communicate with Passbase, you have to register on our dashboard and retrieve your API keys from Settings > API Keys as shown below.

Here you will find your publishable API key, used for client side integrations, and your secret API key, used to retrieve the personal data of your customers from Passbase identities API. You'll be using your publishable key most of this documentation.

Key Type



The API key you will use to integrate the Passbase client side libraries in your application (e.g. the iOS, Android or Web SDK).


The API key can be used to retrieve your customers' Data points and/or Resources and to manage your Passbase company profile programmatically.

Be very careful with the Secret API key. Never share it or send it through unencrypted communication methods!

1.2 - Setup Your Acceptance Threshold with Automation

To get the most out of Passbase you should setup your scoring thresholds in theSettings > Automationsection of the dashboard. These will determine whether your Users Verifications are automatically accepted or rejected into your application based on the documents they provide.

The suggested configuration for most use cases is 70% - 85% as shown below: