Insurance Card Scan (US)

This document explains how to enable US Insurance Card Scan in the verification flow and Passbase API


Add an Insurance Card (US) scan for end users in the US to your workflow through the Passbase dashboard to gather proof of US health insurance or to use as a secondary piece of ID for identity verification.
You can offer global customers residing outside the US the option to submit an Insurance Card.

Enable Insurance Card Scan (US)

Within the customization additional checks page, you can enable the Insurance Card Scan (US) by dragging the Insurance Card Scan (US) check to the Live Version section. Click the Publish Changes button when complete. Your users will now be prompted to scan the front and back of their US Insurance Card as the final step of the verification flow.

Insurance Card Scan (US) API Response

The Insurance Card (US) data for each Verification is accessible using the below Passbase API endpoints. You can find more information about the endpoints in our API explorer, and you can use one of our server-side libraries to interact with the Passbase API.
// List all identities
// Get identity for a specific id / key{id}
The response of the API will have the following parameters:

Response parameters

First names of the user the Insurance Card belongs to
Last name of the user the Insurance Card belongs to
Date of issue of the Insurance Card
Name of insurance provider
Group number of the user the Insurance Card belongs to
Member id of the user the Insurance Card belongs to
"id": "a44c2593-e2ae-4ed9-b81b-c1330580338a",
"status": "approved",
"score": 0.86,
"created": 1621017727,
"updated": 1621143649,
"owner": {
"email": "[email protected]",
"first_name": "JOHN",
"last_name": "DOE"
"resources": [
"id": "cd7f5b2c-6029-4b7a-bd78-ac343f50edf4",
"status": "processed",
"created": 1621017766,
"updated": 1621017769,
"type": "PASSPORT",
"datapoints": {
"authority": "United States Department of State",
"place_of_birth": "MASSACHUSETTS, U.S.A.",
"nationality": "us",
"sex": "male",
"date_of_expiry": "2017-09-30",
"date_of_issue": "2007-09-30",
"date_of_birth": "2000-01-01",
"face_match_factor": 0.8,
"id_authenticity_factor": 0.94,
"last_name": "Doe",
"first_names": "John",
"country": "US"
"resource_files": [...
"id": "d9235378-4eaf-44e9-86cf-629a34afa610",
"status": "processed",
"created": 1623005053,
"updated": 1623005055,
"datapoints": {
"id_authenticity_factor": 0.9,
"member_id": "XYZ 0123456789",
"group_number": "URU038",
"insurance_provide": "BlueCross BlueShield",
"date_of_issue": "2020-01-01",
"last_name": "DOE",
"first_names": "JOHN"
"resource_files": [...
"watchlist": null,
"metadata": null