Covid Vaccination Card Scan

This document explains how to enable CDC Covid Vaccination Card Scan in the verification flow and Passbase API


Digital credential solutions will become the norm as borders and businesses reopen. To help support businesses deliver safe and frictionless experiences for customers, we are excited to announce that Passbase now offers CDC Covid-19 vaccination card scans for proof of vaccination.

Enable CDC Card Scan

Within the customization additional checks page, you can enable the Covid Vaccination Card Scan by dragging the CDC Scan check to the Live Version section. Click the Publish Changes button when complete. Your users will now be prompted to scan the front of their CDC Covid Vaccination Card as the final step of the verification flow.

CDC Card Scan API Response

The CDC Covid Vaccination Card data for each Verification is accessible using the below Passbase API endpoints. You can find more information about the endpoints in our API explorer, and you can use one of our server-side libraries to interact with the Passbase API.
// List all identities
// Get identity for a specific id / key{id}
The response of the API will have the following parameters:

Response parameters

First names of the user the CDC Card belongs to
Last name of the user the CDC Card belongs to
Date of birth of the user the CDC Card belongs to
Patient number of the user the CDC Card belongs to
Object of data points relating to the first vaccination dose
Object of data points relating to the second vaccination dose
Date of vaccination dose
Product name or manufacturer of vaccination dose
Healthcare professional or clinic where vaccination dose was administered
Lot number of vaccination dose
"id": "a44c2593-e2ae-4ed9-b81b-c1330580338a",
"status": "approved",
"score": 0.86,
"created": 1621017727,
"updated": 1621143649,
"owner": {
"email": "[email protected]",
"first_name": "JOHN",
"last_name": "DOE"
"resources": [
"id": "cd7f5b2c-6029-4b7a-bd78-ac343f50edf4",
"status": "processed",
"created": 1621017766,
"updated": 1621017769,
"type": "PASSPORT",
"datapoints": {
"authority": "United States Department of State",
"place_of_birth": "MASSACHUSETTS, U.S.A.",
"nationality": "us",
"sex": "male",
"date_of_expiry": "2017-09-30",
"date_of_issue": "2007-09-30",
"date_of_birth": "2000-01-01",
"face_match_factor": 0.8,
"id_authenticity_factor": 0.94,
"last_name": "Doe",
"first_names": "John",
"country": "US"
"resource_files": [...
"id": "35e9fce3-489a-490d-ab19-739d63e2f6a0",
"status": "processed",
"created": 1621017767,
"updated": 1621017769,
"datapoints": {
"first_names": "JOHN",
"last_name": "DOE",
"date_of_birth": "2000-01-01",
"patient_number": null,
"first_vaccination": {
"date": "2021-04-12",
"product_name": "pfizer",
"healthcare_professional": "LD 6:45 J.N",
"lot_number": "Lot# ER 2815"
"second_vaccination": {
"date": "2021-05-03",
"product_name": "pfizer",
"healthcare_professional": "LD 6:18pm ",
"lot_number": "Lot# EW 0306"
"resource_files": [...
"watchlist": null,
"metadata": null